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We leave no stone unturned when we take you on as a client. Depending on your needs, we'll perform any or all of the following:

  • Thorough analysis of your business' strengths and weaknesses
  • Competitive analysis of others in your space
  • Industry trends analysis and forecast
  • Market opportunities analysis

This work culminates in our major deliverable: a detailed company action plan that puts you on the road to achieving both your long and short-term business goals.

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Get to know the team that's committed to your company's success.

Information for potential partners to review only....

Bioremediation Video at Stanford University GC
Hazardous waste bioremediation,
Agricultural applications

Insect disease vector control patent
SOD Sudden Oak Death Solution: Potato Famine Returns?  

Water Clean up - Lakes
River Clean Up - China data, only company with results

Radiation University Test results  Results break records

Clean energy in term to new technology

LED reduces electrical demand by up to 80%+

Hemp product line with thousands of applications
mold resistant building blocks, food & fuel

Enzymatic odor control for animals reduction in feed and
Emergency situations of massive die offs- Plants, animals, humans

Aqua & plant agriculture w/ LED lights

Water from air technologies
Water molecular reconfiguration for wellness,
Environmental clean up, Disease vector control
Resounance Frequency Transfer
Future Energy Technologies - Lasers - Rife -Tesla - Clark -Radionics - Either

below video & pictures of past projects

 The video's were scripted by G.I. Hopkins, graduate of broadcasting trade school, director, producer of over 350 cable TV programs and guest on over 1500 radio programs in 23 countries.
 These are examples of tools available to our clients as well as the hundreds of websites.
 We instruct in business basics, one doesn't have to know anything except be willing to follow simple guidelines and become active and the results will follow.
 Everyone is different and each program will be adjusted to meet their needs for success as they define it in their lives.

American Indian Projects in the pipeline.......  see below

ENERGY SOLUTIONS overview below videos
Air generator for homes and air car engines
Contracts in place need bridge partners,
contact George 408 592-9270  for details
Magnetic Air Generators
magnetic air motor shaft torque
Magnetic Motor and “Air Cycle Machine”Electric Power Modules (EPM’s)
Maglev Air Train 

NEW: Optical Fiber/Power Cable
Wind Power Stations

===============================below video & pictures of past projectsContracts in place need bridge partners, contact George 408 592-9270  for details==================================


Global Energy Project from associate in Europe 

  1)Proposal sent to India
 2)Potential agreement Costs
  3)Windsolar Skyscrappers

EnvirOmedic Business Opportunity

Disease vector control:
Patented delivery of bio active agents to disease vectors
Child & Pet safe  produced 1992  
 The video's were scripted by G.I. Hopkins, graduate of broadcasting trade school, director, producer of over 350 cable TV programs and guest on over 1500 radio programs in 23 countries.
 These are examples of tools available to our clients as well as the hundreds of websites.


Wellness Coach  Disease Prevention
EnvirOmedic Business Opportunity


Wellness Coach  Disease Prevention

3920 George Hopkins - My Healers Choice


Hey! Listen to the Cancer Survivor, Screaming in the wilderness!


Steve Jobs ? Yes even billionaire Steve Jobs did not have to die.

It has been 12 years since I was supposed to die from cancer.

Every other person will grow cancer in their body until they die from within.

Learn what thousands have found out, how to stay alive with cancer.

Don't wait until your doctor tells you or a loved one YOU HAVE IT !

They got ya, In Fear, ready to take drugs the majority of Doc's will not take.

Be Prepared ? Yes, knowledge is power. Find out before it is to late!

EnvirOmedic Business Opportunity

4541 George Hopkins - Radiation Alert for 2-16 deadline


W-A-R-N-I-N-G Radiation Alert!..Global exposure is increasing every day !

Now, more than ever Your family needs Protection or Your Family may suffer !

Fukushima is NOT OVER!, Radiation Prevention may be the only answer?

New Scientific discovery, 1/8th inch thick adds 400 - 800% more protection

Available as shields, a paint composite for almost any surface on earth or in space.

Create a Safe Radiation room, shield sleeping areas, add protection anywhere.

Please Don't Miss this Once in a Lifetime opportunity to make a difference

Act fast, become a Green Legacy helping to reduce harmful radiation accumulation.

Global Research affiliates are needed today.

Right Place, Right Time.  Don't miss out,  Contact NOW!  408 592-9270 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting FREE 408 592-9270 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Grow your own home, most valuable crop on earth
Natural re-bar  patent pending  non narcotic natural herb
We are building demonstration vocational training centers
where you can see how to grow your own home
that can last hundreds of years, as already demonstrated.

Hemp is NOT the same as the drug they sell to hippi's
Legal again in many countries such as Canada and will revitalize
the farmers of any country with NO negative effect except to take money
from existing manufacturing industries.

Consider contacting your elected officals with the script below:

I am writing to ask that you please become a cosponsor of S. 3501, the
Senate companion bill to H.R. 1831, the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of
2011, which was introduced by Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon on August 2nd.
The legislation allows American farmers to once again grow hemp to the
extent that it is allowed under state laws. The text of S. 3501 is
available from THOMAS:

If you or your staff would like to learn more about this agricultural
issue, please read the latest version of the Congressional Research
Service (CRS) report "Hemp as an Agricultural Commodity," which is dated
January 19, 2012 and has the order code RL32725. The first two sentences
of the Summary clearly state that "Industrial hemp is a variety of
Cannabis sativa and is of the same plant species as marijuana. However,
hemp is genetically different and distinguished by its use and chemical
makeup." The CRS report can be ordered from the CRS or it can be
downloaded from the National Agricultural Law Center at:

To date, thirty-one states have introduced hemp legislation and seventeen
have passed legislation; ten (Colorado, Hawaii, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland,
Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Vermont and West Virginia) have removed
barriers to its production or research. Passage of a bill like the
Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2011 would finally allow these states to
choose whether or not to let farmers grow industrial hemp.

I would specifically like to know: Will you become a cosponsor of S. 3501,
which will permit agricultural hemp farming in the U.S.? What is your
position on supporting farmers in the U.S. having the opportunity to once
again farm this profitable agricultural crop? What did you, or your staff,
think of the CRS report?

I look forward to your reply.


The U.S. is the only industrialized nation in the world that does not recognize the value of industrial hemp and permit its production. Below is a list of other countries that are more rational when it comes to hemp policy.

 information about hemp from here: 
Multi Billion dollar industry banned in America? when it was a very large industry and can employ thousands?
Countries Growing Industrial Hemp Today Turkey for 2800 years, Russia & China the largest producers


Here is an interesting and enlightening assortment of hemp facts:

1) Hemp is among the oldest industries on the planet, going back more than 10,000 years to the beginnings of pottery. The Columbia History of the World states that the oldest relic of human industry is a bit of hemp fabric dating back to approximately 8,000 BC.

2) Presidents Washington and Jefferson both grew hemp. Americans were legally bound to grow hemp during the Colonial Era and Early Republic. The federal government subsidized hemp during the Second World War and U.S. farmers grew about a million acres of hemp as part of that program.

3) Hemp seed is nutritious and contains more essential fatty acids than any other source, is second only to soybeans in complete protein (but is more digestible by humans), is high in B-vitamins, and is a good source of dietary fiber. Hemp seed is not psychoactive and cannot be used as a drug (learn more at

4) The bark of the hemp stalk contains bast fibers, which are among the Earth's longest natural soft fibers and are also rich in cellulose. The cellulose and hemi-cellulose in its inner woody core are called hurds. Hemp stalk is not psychoactive. Hemp fiber is longer, stronger, more absorbent and more insulative than cotton fiber.

5) According to the Department of Energy, hemp as a biomass fuel producer requires the least specialized growing and processing procedures of all hemp products. The hydrocarbons in hemp can be processed into a wide range of biomass energy sources, from fuel pellets to liquid fuels and gas. Development of bio-fuels could significantly reduce our consumption of fossil fuels and nuclear power.

6) Hemp can be grown organically. Only eight, out of about one hundred known pests, cause problems, and hemp is most often grown without herbicides, fungicides or pesticides. Hemp is also a natural weed suppressor due to fast growth of the canopy.

7) Hemp produces more pulp per acre than timber on a sustainable basis, and can be used for every quality of paper. Hemp paper manufacturing can reduce wastewater contamination. Hemp's low lignin content reduces the need for acids used in pulping, and its creamy color lends itself to environmentally-friendly bleaching instead of harsh chlorine compounds. Less bleaching results in less dioxin and fewer chemical by-products.

8) Hemp fiber paper resists decomposition, and does not yellow with age when an acid-free process is used. Hemp paper more than 1,500 years old has been found. Hemp paper can also be recycled more times than wood-based paper.

9) Hemp fiberboard produced by Washington State University was found to be twice as strong as wood-based fiberboard. No additional resins are required due to naturally-occurring lignins.

10) Eco-friendly hemp can replace most toxic petrochemical products. Research is being done to use hemp in manufacturing biodegradable plastic products: plant-based cellophane, recycled plastic mixed with hemp for injection-molded products, and resins made from the oil, to name a very few examples. Over two million cars on the road today have hemp composite parts for door panels, dashboards, luggage racks, etc.

Countries Growing Industrial Hemp Today
The U.S. is the only industrialized nation in the world that does not recognize the value of industrial hemp and permit its production. Below is a list of other countries that are more rational when it comes to hemp policy.

video below produced in 1990-92
Bioremediation Video at Stanford University Golf Course
Hazardous waste bioremediation
Agricultural applications
Alt Med Wiz  Wellness clinic for rural areas
& auto water machine to produce water to help
balance a mammals terrain. 
EnvirOmedic Business Opportunity




Below  Water Clean Up  Photo's  Technology available from associates today.

Shanghi, China Project information from associates waiting on your project.

We offer several methods and associates technologies to handle your water clean up needs today.


EnvirOmedic Business Opportunity

Clean energy reduces bills by 25%



Providing Award Winning “Homeopathy”

 Wellness for Homes, People & Pets

Trained Coaches balance energy eco systems and wellness manifests

If YOU want to make a difference & become well respected?

If YOU are self disciplined, pro active and want to change the world?

If YOU are in a position to invest in YOURSELF, we will invest in YOU!

Once in a Life Time an opportunity like this comes along

Contact our home office to see if you qualify to become an “EnvirOmedic”

LED Lighting where less is more
American Indian Projects in the pipeline


Projects 1.127 B
Global Community Outreach for Indigenous peoples of America & the world
The Lakota tribe in the middle of Trillions of dollars in Natural resources has the LOWEST life expectancy
47 years old, of any indigenous people in the world.
The Navajo Nation has a back log of 125,000 domestic abuse cases, millions of indigenous people
need our help today, its time to stop doing the same things expecting different results. (A. Einstein)
The reasons are said to be no hope, no jobs, no future, poor diets, alcohol & drugs
"Modern slavery & prejuduce"
 GCO,  is posed to produce results with multiple paradigm shifts of resolving the issues facing humanity.
Our team has a proven track record that surpasses the results of the status quo evidenced by results,
 backed by patents and University lab repeatable tests.
GCO is here today to participate in team efforts to resolve the problems
all life forms face now and in the future.
Establishing mobile Instant trucked in container training centers to FAST START GCO programs
43M: To establish each fleet of 10 - 40 foot containers costs $1.800,000. Goal is 10 fleets  
Costs 8 M for start – up, plus basic operating costs of 25M over 10 years
Establishing vocational training centers on or near tribal lands would empower the people with hope.
Centers would be utilized for community emergency issues.
138M  - 10 Vocational Center build out     8.8 M per center with 9 buildings, 1.3 to equipment and
37 M for 10 years operating costs.
Emergency Housing for homeless, abused and for what ever reason.
$232M  Build out with 10 years operating costs.  100K per 6 unit condo for 6 families. 
Immediate Goal : 10 units per tribe, 100 locations across America’s
1st tribal members would be employed to develop and build out the training centers
The indigenous peoples  would become the trainers and teachers providing employment & pride.
Construction trades would be taught with emphasis in Green Sustainable as they lived before the
European takeover of their lands.
Co-Op Agriculture would be taught with low water needs, perma-culture, aqua culture high yield methods
 such as hydroponics, Mittlieder and French intensive. Heritage Seed production
288M   2.5 M infrastructure/build out 100 locations     and 38 M operating costs for 10 years
Fish, game, insect & plant disease  hatcheries developed to balance & re populate food supply chains.
168M   1.5M K   infrastructure/build out 100 locations  and 18 M operating costs for 10 years
Green Utilities: Water, energy, sustainable conservation & utilization of renewable resources
188M  Green Energy research and development  Solar, wind, tree wave, geo thermal, alternative
building & radiant technologies 
Nutritional wellness courses would be taught to reduce health issues of the indigenous peoples
The facilities would be available 24/7/365 to address emergency tribal issues, disputes & needs.
Legal aids courses would help reduce the backlog of 125,000 cases  in the courts
On line Green Network with computer courses in Green Sustainable water, food, shelter & clean
energy & computer service and repair
67.3 M for National build out of 1000 sites, 100 per tribal area and 
24M in equipment and supplies   & 40 M in operating costs over 10 years
   Industries would be developed in tourism and hostels, training and global support to expand the
organizations outreach.
The partial goal of global stock/stake holders investing to grow a green sustainable outreach that self
regenerates based on needs of shelter and food for everyone.
3.1  GCO Public Relations, Events, marketing and online, billboard & SMS advertising:
840K build out & $18,888.00 mo for 10 years


Air generator for homes and air car engines
Contracts in place need bridge partners,
contact George 408 592-9270  for details
Magnetic Air Generators
magnetic air motor shaft torque
Magnetic Motor and “Air Cycle Machine”Electric Power Modules (EPM’s)
Maglev Air Train 

NEW: Optical Fiber/Power Cable

Wind Power Stations


below video & pictures of past projectsContracts in place need bridge partners, contact George 408 592-9270  for details==================================


Global Energy Project from associate in Europe 

  1)Proposal sent to India
 2)Potential agreement Costs
  3)Windsolar Skyscrappers

Magnetic Air Generators

Description of Technology: Magnetic Air Generators for homes and small businesses provides low cost clean energy utilizing the company’s patented magnetic motor and air compression technologies. Power generation (10KW-18KW) can power a home up to 5000+ sq. ft. at 100-150 HP and 80lb of torque to power both DC and AC home generators. New patented technologies include a newly designed 3-phase motor, 3-phase inverters, optical encoder, shaping technology (allowing the use of man-made magnets), power management chip, and a newly designed Halbach Array.




Description of Technology:  A unique technology combining magnetic air motor shaft torque turning a small but powerful air compressor providing 1000 CFM powering our patented air cycle machine connected to a generator through a magnetic torque converter without  relying  on  fossil  fuels,  sunshine,  nuclear,  or  wind  energy. Many vertical markets exist, including water purification and desalinization.


Description of Technology:  A unique technology combining magnetic air motor shaft torque turning a small but powerful air compressor providing 1000 CFM powering our patented air cycle machine connected to a generator through a magnetic torque converter without  relying  on  fossil  fuels,  sunshine,  nuclear,  or  wind  energy.  This is an upscale design used for the 1MW design with an added technology: Halbach Array for 400Lb per inch of torque and a patented Super Capacitor capable of storing 1.3GW of power for approximately one year. Each of the nine units produces 200MW, resulting in an efficient 1800MW power plant capable of providing enough power to replace two nuclear power plants.    

Description of Technology:  Magnetic Motor and “Air Cycle Machine” technology developed by _______________, Inc. scaled for the specific application of long range electric vehicles, including SUV’s, passenger cars, trucks, and motorcycles. The long range electric and air system utilizes advanced nano battery technology developed by ________________________

Description of Technology: A chemical battery that can never become fully depleted for multiple applications including cell phones, audio and video devices, computer related devices, cars, boats, ships, planes, trains, and power stations. Electric Power Modules (EPM’s) may make current lithium and future nano tube battery technology obsolete. Power output can be regulated up to 2,000 volts.

Description of Technology: The Maglev Air Train utilizes new patented magnetic air generator technology whereby the train cars are powered instead of the tracks. The system provides a more efficient and safe mode of  transportation  at  one-tenth  the  cost  of  current  Maglev by utilizing patented Aluminum Rail Technology™ making expensive conventional  steel  tracks obsolete.  

Description of Technology:  The conversion of communions from a hybrid of electrical power and optical (fiber optic cables) to an all optical network.  The expansive bandwidth allow information to travel millions of times faster than the current internet network, while at the same time providing nearly 100% security and reliability. “Photonics Cloud Computing” will provide ever more efficient ways for providing fiber/power and wireless last mile services to customers. Today, that implies the use of UHF/VHF two -way interactive wireless communications.  We shall bring our very own Optical Fiber/Power Cable™ directly to homes on a global scale. We possess the knowledge and the technology to build a new Optical Fiber/Power Cable and a wireless last mile solution.


Wind Power Stations

below video & pictures of past projectsContracts in place need bridge partners, contact George 408 592-9270  for details


Global Energy Project from associate in Europe 

  1)Proposal sent to India
 2)Potential agreement Costs
  3)Windsolar Skyscrappers

New patented energy project

WindSolars,Solars and new kind of Wind Power Stations.


My Solars are molten salt energy storage type using concetrated light as energy source. I invented new Solar concentrator units and my thermal storage is well insulated so there are no leaks of stored energy. Therefore they can work 24/365 without need of backup, on or off Grid, and with near zero Land Footprint because of Greenhouses built in.

Complementary WPSs are based on new, 99+% efficient turbines within constructions that regulate and speed up air flow inside and protect WPS from too much wind, therefore they do not need to stop at any wind speed, and in case of Laminar air flow automatically and exclusively capture strongest wind layer that only do damage to  standard models.

Some of my Windtraps could also work in groups, enabling efficient use of whole scale of wind speeds. Generators would have 300% spare capacity for same cost which translates to 3 times cheaper electricity at windspeeds where standard models start stalling and cannot use all energy available in the wind.

Capacities start at 1 MW and up, withjust 5m/sec wind speed required.

One or two WPS models could be made from Bamboo sticks and sailcloth, one use sails to scope the wind (that could be used also to propel the boats or rather small and big ships) so there is plenty of cheap ways to produce electricity from weak wind.

In any case much smaller turbines are necesary and if made out of transparent plastic UV protected with Carbon fiber added, they would be lasting and nearly invisible.
You can start the production of my WindSolars or You can just import parts and subsystems and build WindSolars.....

In both case of Solars and WindSolar Skyscrapers there are parts  that has to be made onsite and from local concrete and ribbed wires, glass bricks, etc.

If You want to start production then You would have to get Licence with all technology of producing the parts, tools to cast or mould parts and complete process description concluding with commisioning installations.

In order to be able to sell You complete technology I have to make all engineering blueprints for tools and moulds for producing the parts and have those tools and moulds manufactured and parts produced. All would be verified on Pilot WindSolar that would also be captive plant for factories producing parts.

It would all be made according to high industry standards of German industry, which __________Engineers follow.

So there are the choices, in case You are interested:

1. You can invest 5 million € in development and starting the production, for which You can get same amount from each Production License sold later or production started.

That is specified in draft of Agreement I have attached too.

2. You can prepaid oneLicence for WindSolars production or the Licence for buildingWindSolar Skyscrappers,  by securing irrevocable and non transverable LC that would be entitled to my company.
Unauctioned price is 27million € and for the Skyscrappers it would be 50 million €.

That way You cannot lose the money, which would be released by the Bank upon receiving all blueprints of technology.

Of course You would be first invited to come over and see the technology in work.

You would then have the choice to start production by buying all tools and moulds, or to simply resell License for much greater price, even to sell several sublicenses in Your Country or State.

All Licenses and Sublicenses would require those producing WindSolars to produce at  least 100MW of installations per year and to pay tantiemes to inventor in size of 10% of WindSolar market value.

In case You want to import parts from _________ and have us to train Your company staff to build them and commision them, it would be better for You to invest money as per Agreement I sent and so amass the money to buy and transport that much more WindSolars to your country.

In any case LC or payment would have to be trough some Bank in US or UK, as IMHO India is considered to be high risk country by our Bankers, sorry for that..

In either case delivery would be 12 months from securing payment or LC as latest  and 6 months as earliesttime.

Cost of parts of 10 MW/hour WindSolar would be fixed 7million € with remaining 3 million € being the cost of groundwork and concrete, which may cost less in India, too.

In case You would import parts only, I would guarantee You unchangeable prices regardless of demand pressure rising them, and quantity discounts as well.

I have attached WIPO publicated new WPSs data, soYou can see what it is.

Solars are in process of patenting so I shall not reveal them at moment.

However once You sign some agreement, I shall provide at least rough descripion of them.

I hope this interest  You.

Sincerely, MP 



 Windsolar Skyscrappers  

One digression: In india any steel constructions would be veritable owens, specialy as nowadays temperature rises up to 50C. My wife is Indian so I have first hand data. Also idea of WindSolar Skyscrappers came when in one indian State they decided to solve problem of homeless people living in cartoon boxes on the streets. They wanted to provide them with 30m2 two

room dvelling with two lamps, one ventilator, one WC and one pipe, where electricity would be supplied by one Solar PV panel. Materials were supposed to be cheapest possible, localy available, without wood (because od termite ants).

As I have been in India briefly I knew that houses would have to be surounded by barbed wires, and since they planned to build houses side by side and maybe also back to back, I had a vision of veritable concentration camps and was horrified.....

It is true that India has lot of land, but such houses ( 1,800,000) would require lot and then there ought to be roads, canalization and water pipes that indian gowernment was supposed to provide.  After that there would be need for transportation, and that all would cumulate lot of expenses. Last but not least, those people would not like to go out of city.

Therefore I proposed 12 stories building that would be self contained with rain harwesting, hydrofors to pump water out of the ground, waste water cleaning and biogas production from organic waste and canalization, as there would be 1944 36m2 condominiums with 2-4 people living there.

Skyscrappers would have my WindSolars built in, with WPSs optional if there would be be wind, which is not really likely since it would be enough to have 5m/sec wind speed, and buildings would be high enough already.

I intended to make them strong enough to withstand strong earthquakes and even Tsunamis, as this area could be affected also by them.

I worked some time in housebuilding company so I learned few things from architects there.

However this is job for professional to to make sure my ideas are sound enough. But once all is ready for building and some indian company build first one, then we would be able to sell architectural plans to other companies as just internal decoration would decide which people would live there, and to every nine condos that could be made into luksury apartment one room could be added and internal space would add another 200m2 for total of 560m3, for those who could afford them.

Also, such skyscrappers would be able to be built all over the Asia and Africa
without much changes. As my WindSolars would have greenhouses built on the roof, even food would be grown as well.

I attached some preliminary sketches and part of my Solars, starting with geodome like Solar Concentrator units on the roof and ending with thermal storage underground with steam generators built in.

Actually it would be enough to have just one thermal storage and just one

steam generator unit as this would make electricity still cheaper.

There are other numerous details such as taking daylight to be used to save electricity inside of building, waterfalls, natural air conditioning (akin to old Persian system), and in central area would be shops, nursery, cinema, school, ambulance and so on.

Same construction could be used for hotels, offices, factory, faculty, student dormitory, old people house, orphanage, police station etc etc.

Last but not least, such buildings could be joined to form the ring, letter S shape and so on to break monotony and have better use of Biogas instalation which need to be just one for several buildings, and so on.

Since such Solar would be able to produce 72 MW of electricity per day, and

since it would not need more than 2MW of electricity for dayly use, 70MW could be sold to the Grid, and since Solars would work 24/365 that  would bring 25,550 MW for sale per year which would be worth 150€ in savings in my country if electricity is used by factory or total 3,832,500€, which means

whole building with WindSolar would pay itself back in at most 4 years.

That means one condominium would cost 7886€ or 220€ per m2 to be built

and if sold at double price per m2, building company would have at once money to build TWO such Windsolar Skyscrappers, and remain in posesion of WindSolar itself that would bring electricity next 100 or more years.

At cost of 440€ per m2, apartments would be sold out in no time, at least in my country. Of course number of stories is not limited so even more than 12 could be built, making m2 still cheaper.


In addition my new Solar Concentator units could be used for Solar brick and cheramic factory, Cement kilns, steel melting and so on, making building materials still cheaper. I suppose in Poland electricity is not so expensive as in Croatia, but considering cost of at most 10€ per MW (or 1000 KW) there would be profit in any case, specially if owner get WindSolar for free as I described. Just building WindSolar Skyscrappers could  start housebuilding industry and other that acompany it for furniture, parquet, doors, windows, handles, locks, glass, ceramic tiles, pipes, cables, switches, electric devices and so on.

So, I hope this is something You are/were looking for.


Sincerely, MP


and example of potential agreement



XXnameXXX YYfamily nameYY, from CC_city_CC,  CC_country_CC, with resident Adress in AA_address_AA, (in further references: INVESTOR) are signing following:




Clause 1.


-________ and INVESTOR have after consideration concluded that there is mutual interest for cooperation in developing of Invention, by seting up formulas, developing computer 3D model, seting up and testing computerized simulation using Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD for short), prototype fabrication and testing, development of Production engineering plans to completing all documents required for starting the Production and any other unmentioned activity required for stated purpose, so they would therefore like to define rights and obligations for both parties.


Invention is new kind of Wind Power Stations according to Request for Patenting submitted to State Patent office on 14th. of September year 2009 registered under code  (in further references: Invention).


Production License is document by which is granted right to set up and commision, maintenance and repair  the Invention, to person or company in certain country or in case of big coutries, certain State of this Country, according to detailed specification and model, which may or may not include rights to manufacture all necesary parts and subsystems thereof, with detailed instructions for all operations required. If License include detailed specifications of parts and assemblies so buyer can also manufacture all that is necesary in same country, it would be called Production License, else it would be called Installation License (in further references both would be reffered to as >>License<<). 


Clause 2.

INVESTOR shall invest own work or expertise and the time required, or neccessary computer  software, with obligation that assigned work or problem would be done or solved in reasonable time. For INVESTOR own work and materials invested, _______ shall grant INVESTOR right on 3 (three) times greater value than actual market price of such work or materials used, and this amount would be considered to be invested by INVESTOR. It is possible that INVESTOR invest also money directly to _______ or by paying for other parties services or goods in name of ________, and it is accounted as money invested also.

Clause 3.

For rendered support and participation in development of Invention, INVESTOR is granted right on share of money from sale of each and every Licence for Production of Invention in equall amount as one invested by INVESTOR, after License buyer pay fixed part of its price.

Clause 4.

In case when ________ organize and start production in any country or one of its States, INVESTOR would be paid from profit that _________ would earn from production of parts and assemblies, sale of Inventions as products or from sale of products produced by Inventions, from leasing Inventions or coproduction with other parties. Same would be in case of export of produced Inventions, leasing them or coproduction of products in any other country where License is not sold. Same rule would be applied also for all products or composite inventions where Invention is indivisible and integral part, such as would be case in WindSolar Power Stations, and sale of Licenses for such Inventions.


Clause 5.


______________ agree that payment of financial obligation to INVESTOR would and should take precedence to payment of anything else and would be made as soon as money would be available in sufficient quantity, at least twice as much as ________ obligation has toward  INVESTOR, so suppliers could also be paid at least in part, in order that production of Invention could normally continue. 

Clause 6.


INVESTOR is granted the right to invest money also, on teritory of ___________________, or if neccessary in other countries or both, together with _________. 

Clause 7.

Seling of Licenses would be done trough _______&_________business partners, or Representatives. INVESTOR  can get 20% discounted price from non auctioned regular price for his country, in case he want to start production there, or would get right to be Representative of _________ and get 10% provision from Power Stations or their parts sold to his country in case of export from any other country that have License for Production and which have paid also License for country of INVESTOR.

In case INVESTOR invest at least 500.000€ he would be given one free Licence for production of smaller HAWT Wind Power Stations, and in case at last 5.000.000€ is invested, Investor would get free Licenses for production of all models of Wind Power Stations, but has to pay tantiemes in size of 10% of market price to inventor, Mr. MP 

Clause 8.

Representative that sell Licence get fee in size of 20% from final fixed Licence price that is paid in full by the buyer. All marketing and traveling expenses bear strictly authorized Representative personally and would not be refunded by _________. 


Clause 9.

_________ agree to inform promptly about any sale of License, and that INVESTOR would be paid as soon as money is deposited on Bank account of ________ by buyer, or in other cases as soon as there is at least twice greater amount earned than ________'s contractual obligation to INVESTOR.

Clause 10.


INVESTOR can invest money paid acording to this Agreement or any other money according to his wishes, with help and support from _________, independently or in cooperation with third parties, into factories for production of parts or assemblies used in production of Invention, production of products made by Invention or factories for permanent removal of CO2 from air producing Electrographite and Oxygen.


Clause 11.

All informations, data, sketches, drawings, technical specifications or anything else communicated between ________ and INVESTOR concerning Invention are to be considered confidential and trade secret of __________, disclosed to third parties only with knowledge and written approwal from ________, after signing and Notarizing appropriate Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA for short).

Clause 12.

In case there would be more than one INVESTOR who signed Agreement with the ________,  INVESTOR which invested money first would be also first to choose where to invest proceeds from this Agreement or more money, as well as in choosing teritory for later investment, with exception of countries of other INVESTORS, but all INVESTORS could invest equally in Croatia or other countries under coordination from ________. 


Clause 13.

INVESTOR and __________ are obligated to each other to protect good name and business reputation of other party and their own, as well as strictly following all applicable Laws and regulations in order to not break any, both domestic an international.


Clause 14.


          This here Agreement shall last untill License is sold to all countries and all states, or untill 2 years passs without additional License being sold, under same conditions that prevailed in time of its signing.

Clause 15.


In case of volontary ownership change of ________, all document should contain clauses for continuance and honouring of this here Agreement, even if change of ownership is due to inheritance. In all other casess, all rights and responsibilities should be returned to Inventor of Invention, who is bond to fulfill all as stated in Agreement personally. In case when Inventor die in time when this Agreement is still in force, appointed Lawyer should take care that work in progress would continue according to written and Notarized Plan of activities and that all Representatives and Investors would be paid as stated here in this Agreement. Each and every Representative and all Investors would receive Notarized copy of such Plan after this Agreement is signed and money is invested, and it would be considered to be part of this Agreement. By signing of this here Agreement after reading proposal of such Plan, Investor agree that it should be executed exactly so.


Clause 16.


All differences of opinion or problems in operationalising this Agreement  both parties would negotiate and discuss to achieve mutually beneficial results, but in case this would not be possible for any reason, both parties agree that for solving any disputes jurisdiction lies with appropriate Court of Law in ___________________

Clause 17.



          This Agreement is considered to be in force from date of signature, but would be considered to be invalid in case INVESTOR do not invest work or money in at most 30 days from this date or do not provide necessary guarantees for payment to third parties, but obligation to keep informations received would still be in force.


Clause 18.


This Agreement is made in 4 ( four ) originals, 2 ( two ) of each for one of parties to this here Agreement.

Both parties declare they are been informed about their rights and obligations, and they sign it to confirm acceptance of this Agreement.



____________, 25th. of June in year 2012.



Patents will be provided for those interested


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