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We design, build and containerize complete Turn-Key sustainable village vocational training centers that self fund for future generations.

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Global Community Outreach

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Exciting Opportunities for retired, students & interns in Construction and Engineering

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 Projects in progress:
 Emergency Triage, Shelter, Food, Water, Energy, Waste, Recycling, Wellness, Disease, Business Opportunities, e-Commerce and empowerment through family training centers.

Our engineers and scientists are ready to provide award winning services.

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Global projects include polluted water and soil remediation, resource conservation, control of disease vectors, plant disease solutions (SOD), Radiation protection, Green waste recycling, advances in treating aids, cancer and diabetes, family farms, herbal formulations, business co-ops, micro loans & much more.
Together we are co-creating a better world for future generations. 
Our group has more breakthroughs in helping people to help themselves than most any organization. What we do not know, our associates do.

Helping your organization reach its goals in R & D to buildout.

The Global Community changes constantly. For organizations to remain competitive, they need to be more nimble than ever. But identifying and creating organizational change is never easy. That's where our team of experts comes in.
Some People think they know everything,  G.I. Hopkins says the more he learns, the more he realizes how little he knows.
Famous Quotes from people in the right place at the right time.

"640K ought to be enough for anybody" 
Bill Gates 1981

"I think there is a world market for maybe 5 computers"  
Thomas Watson Chairman IBM 1943

"Everything that can be invented, has been invented"
Charles H. Duell, Director of U.S. Patent Office 1899

"Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?"  Harry M Warner, Warner Brothers Pictures, 1927

"There is no likelihood man can ever tap the power of the atom" 
Robert Miliken, Nobel Prize Physics, 1923

"Heavier than air flying machines are impossible" Lord Kelvin, President of the Royal Society, 1895
A Vision: to help all life forms have access to shelter, food, wellness and opportunity to empower future generations with knowledge.

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Greetings: This is a request for ideas to help humanity.
Acceptable projects have been approved in less than 30-90 days. No Guarantees

We are looking for solutions in water (desalination/ or from air), energy, shelter, waste & agriculture technologies to be utilized for small scale village use.

Our NGO  sources are looking to fund acceptable projects globally with small current functional models that are ready to be produced now on a small scale for global production & licensing.
No degrees, or education needed to participate, many inventors are autistic, all OK, we need results.
Do not send any secrets, nothing illegal, no scams 
 If your project is not simple to bring to market & use in short order, please do not submit.

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G.I. Hopkins
408 592-9270


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Global Community Outreach provides premier engineering, design, construction, and maintenance services to government and private-sector clients in a wide array of industries, including the energy, environmental, infrastructure, and emergency response markets.


Sustainable Asset Officer: Summary of of George (G.I.) Hopkins experience and responsibilities for clients 

Responsible for supporting our Global  Triage Team in Emergency Housing,Food,Energy & EHS Management and Sustainability. To drive and develop our focus on Triage Systems. Extensive experience in all facets including business development, project identification and initiation, engineering design, construction, commissioning and ongoing system management. The ability to also assist with a variety of areas, sustainability, and carbon management related functions on all phases of projects from less than 1M to exceeding multi billions of dollars.

  • Develop energy & sustainability project goals, objectives, strategies, or initiatives in collaboration with other energy & sustainability professionals.
  • Design, implement, and administer energy efficiency and renewable energy programs for municipalities, states and utilities.
  • Research environmental energy & sustainability issues, concerns, or stakeholder interests
  • Assess or propose energy & sustainability initiatives, considering factors such as cost effectiveness, technical feasibility, reliable technical measures, metrics, strategies and acceptance.
  • Create or maintain plans or other documents related to energy & sustainability projects.
  •  Develop, or oversee the development of, energy & sustainability evaluation or monitoring systems.
  • Develop methodologies to assess the viability or success of energy & sustainability initiatives.
  • Identify or procure needed resources to implement energy & sustainability programs or projects.
  • Direct energy & sustainability program operations to achieve cost-effective results and ensure compliance with governmental or environmental regulations.
  • Monitor and evaluate effectiveness of energy & sustainability programs.
  • Formulate or implement energy & sustainability campaigns or marketing strategies.
    Develop energy & sustainability reports, presentations, or proposals for supplier, employee, academia, media, government, public interest, or other groups.
  •  Develop, or oversee the development of, marketing or outreach media for energy & sustainability projects or events.
  • Create marketing or outreach media, such as brochures or web sites, to communicate energy & sustainability issues, procedures, or objectives.
  • Develop reports or presentations to communicate the effectiveness of energy & sustainability initiatives.
  • Write grant applications, rebate applications, or project proposals to secure funding for energy & sustainability projects.
  • Develop energy, sustainability master plans and greenhouse gas inventories for commercial and government clients and the assessments of business activities using established energy & sustainability reporting frameworks and protocols.
    .. .

    Qualifications/Competencies/Experience short list
    30 years experience
    Education & Training from numerous Colleges, Universities and Trade Schools:
    Degree in Environmental Science, Environmental Policy, Sustainability, Medical Degree; Construction Engineer; Builder; Water works; Agriculture; Entomology, Phytopathology,2 CA Teaching Credentials- Industrial Arts & Landscaping & School of Broadcasting

    Sustainability Specialist Energy and Climate                                                                                       George I. Hopkins, 1312 Davis Mountain Loop, Cedar Park TX., 78613
    Cell: 408-592-9270  HM 512 337-7488 TX. Dr. License # 36423569

    To Whom It May Concern:   My education & work experience  demonstrates my ability to oversee maintenance & repair of grounds & facilities, manage security, oversee the development and write departmental procedures for maintenance, repair, operations, quality control, safety & security for buildings & equipment; oversee the preparation of plans and specifications for contracting repair work and site improvements for submission to purchasing department  for bidding.      

       I am able to provide; green building briefs and concepts, life cycle and performance assessment, strategic sustainability advice across a range of building services and project designs  I am Effective in working in cross-disciplined teams, Court and Government presentations,  Problem solver, chaos identifier, QC and ROI Statistician, Coaching in Green Sustainable progressive solutions for individuals, corporate, government.   Construction Project management in multi millions

    Some of my tertiary qualifications in sustainable green building  maintenance of facilities & custodial operations

    • Supervisor: City of Cupertino Grounds: Medians, parks, schools, buildings, streets / union issues, 40 sq. miles
    • CA. Contracting License-General Building (20 years+) - CCI Certified Construction Inspector #4062
    • CA. General Engineering License & Hazardous waste & remediation / inspections- Radon, Asbestos, Lead, mold
    • CA. Landscape Contractors license # 344992. Installation & Maintenance: residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, & Estate landscapes, Parks, Schools, Sports fields, Pools & Water features
    • BPAT:  Backflow TX  TCEQ 10/2012              TX.TCEQ Landscape Irrigator license: testing in progress
    • Pest Control licenses TX,  In progress : Pest Control California Department of Food and Agriculture license #42965 (ABCDEFH&I: A-Residential, Industrial and Institutional, B-Landscape Maintenance, C-Right of Way-highways, D-Plant Agriculture, E-Forest F-Aquatic, H-Seed Treatment, I-Animal Agriculture. Patent in disease-vector control/cockroach,. R&D in harmless pest control for rats, mice, birds, insects, mold, fungus & mildew.
    • Security Systems: alarms, video monitors, gates, fencing & personal protection
    • Contractor equipment rentals, Supervisor:  lumberyard, rockery & plant nursery (47 employees).
    • Industrial Technology; CA. Vocational Teaching Credential #303363: automotive/fleet maintenance & repair, drafting, wood works, metal/welding, foundry, sheet metal/HVAC, tool & die, manufacturing consulting.
    • Landscaping, CA. Vocational Teaching Credential #367881: design, installation & maintenance of soft & hard scape, concrete, asphalt, pavers, woodwork, pools, ponds, lakes, greenhouses, orchards, crops.. Award Water Conservation
    • Real Estate Inspections, environmental & construction defect litigation, expert witness & remediation.
    • Green consulting. BIG certified, ISO 14001 certified, LEEDS trained, RFR & EMF clean energy consulting (ESD) recording studios, animal odor/agricultural applications, living & work environments, MEP engineering
    • Estate Manager:  Multi-site Project Management, problem & conflict resolutions on multi-million-dollar projects.
    • House manager: maintenance & general management of services for multiple properties in & outside the US

          (8 properties, 1 commercial, 1 pre-school, 2 sound studios) Up to 40 square miles of responsibility

    • Project manager: N. Systems: contractual estate management & capital improvements, 6 properties 2 countries
    • CA. Real Estate License # 01134909 Mortgage Business-Consumer Finance Lending - License #905-3224 RE Acquisition, traffic studies, comprehensive maintenance programs; CAM certification, Bank Construction Draw Insp.
    • Tronsoft RE investment software, compares demand, permits & future marketability before construction designs
    • OSHA 500 certified trainer, Corporate Health & Wellness: Testing, EMT, Certified Fitness Trainer, Self defense:
    • Environmental Compliance Management. Safety, Risk and Loss Management: OSHA training & course designs
    • Hillside & water intrusion projects a specialty. Green wastes recycle projects, Supervisor research and consulting.
    • REA I-06515 California Registered Environmental Assessor I, consulting in green healthy living eco systems
    • CES Certified Environmental Specialist # 9815 Phases 1,2 & 3 RE Inspections and bank progress draws
    • EPA/OSHA Hazwopper Hazardous Waste Operations Certificate
    • CECM Certified Environmental Compliance Management Certificate
    • Director: Agricultural research center; Hydroponics, Mittlieder, French intensive, fertilizer/greenhouse manufacturing, sub-surface irrigation, Resolved Sudden Oak Death SOD. Water conservation research
    • Electrician: IBEW, union Specialty signs and transformers; off-grid solar power & heating and cooling.
    • Manufacturing business consultant, all phases, specialty of identifying Chaos-makers and increasing ROI.
    • Awards:  B of A, Kiwanis, Rotary, CA Industrial Arts, youngest tool & die maker in CA. Water Conservation
    • Attended numerous universities, colleges & trade schools for specialty training in construction, health & safety.

    Sustainability Specialist Energy and Climate                                                                                       George I. Hopkins, 1312 Davis Mountain Loop, Cedar Park TX., 78613
    Cell: 408-592-9270  HM 512 337-7488 TX. Dr. License # 36423569


    Inspires others to optimum performance…cost/time efficient…prefers freedom to exercise initiative.. Interfaces well with all levels of personnel…uses information from diverse sources effectively…strong written and communication skills…coordinates major projects effectively…delegates authority responsibly…leads discussions to the point of decision-making…presents material in a new and interesting manner…establishes excellent rapport …quality-conscious…manages/mediates conflicts diplomatically…motivates others easily…creative, innovative…analytical.


    • Ability to interview, hire, fire and train employees; creates training materials & conduct trainings, planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; resolving complaints and problems. New Hire Orientation; identifies required needs & participants and coordinate training calls; Tailgate meetings Supervisory: Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization`s policies and applicable laws Create and distribute pertinent Training Bulletins, Develop online training, websites & DVD’s.  Develop & maintain current and accurate policies and procedures for each department, as needed.  Manages multiple employees, Supervise, train, and coach training staff for continued growth and development;   Develop, implement and/or coordinate HR training initiatives, Health, Safety & Quality Control programs  Assist with vendor communication & quality control; Set up and implement special projects 

    SKILLS: Real Estate, Acquisitions, Finance, Traffic studies, Construction: All Phases, Development, Project   Management, Sales & Marketing: Print, TV, Radio, Online Websites, Text, Mail, Social, Trade Shows, Door to Door


    Established incentive program for employees and sub contractors resulting in productivity increase of 200%.

    Identified and created trainings which lead to certification of employees and followed up with continuing education

    Wrote safety procedures which were adopted by the company because they satisfied the insurance carrier

    Initiated and wrote Quality Control & affirmative action policy which met city standards for inclusion into contracts

    Wrote, produced, directed over 100 emergency health and safety training videos, City & County presentations

    Assessed company work environment, recommended changes, improved efficiency and reduced staff turn-over rate

    Solves staff morale problems by identifying the underlying source of the turmoil, instead of applying surface cures.

    Devises systems for documentation which results in accuracy and ability to determine problem areas rapidly

    Water Conservation Award; PermaCulture Trained; Green Waste: Set up CA. 1st green waste demonstration project

    Handled backlog of 2 years of citizen’s complaints in 2 months. Helped build a company’s positive national reputation.

    Public Relations: Handled Animal Rights activists and Emergency management issues to public approval.

    I am excited about the Position Listed in Posting and the ability to help your company succeed. Thank you in advance for your time. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I would appreciate the opportunity to review my qualifications in more detail and would appreciate your response as soon as possible.

    Sustainability Specialist Energy and Climate                                                                                       George I. Hopkins, 1312 Davis Mountain Loop, Cedar Park TX., 78613
    Cell: 408-592-9270  HM 512 337-7488 TX. Dr. License # 36423569

    Postscript: Real source point sustainable conservative cost effective environmental solutions

    NASA scientist Z G, PhD, included in her thesis a narrative of how I re-invented, thereby inventing, a harmless mousetrap. Entomologists consider me an entomologist for my scientific studies and patent for insect-control with the least amount of active ingredients. (2004)

    Entomologist: Pest Control California Department of Food and Agriculture license #42965 (ABCDEFH&I: A- Residential, Industrial and Institutional, B- Landscape Maintenance, C- Right of Way-highways, D- Plant Agriculture, E- Forest F- Aquatic, H- Seed Treatment, I- Animal Agriculture) mold, fungus & mildew.

    I prototyped one of California’s first green waste recycling programs as reported in the “Bay Area Building Reporter” Jan 1978.

     In June of 1978, I was the symposium director for “The Future of Food”  at University of California at San Lois Obispo, for Garden Writers of the Western U.S. … high-yield horticultural practices, hydroponics and aqua culture

    I worked in environmental research and restoration at Stanford golf course, developed & utilized all-natural soil bioremediation techniques,

    Qualified for a CA. Engineering License and a license in Hazardous Substances, Removal and Remediation.

    Agro ecologist:

    Scientist: 5 year research project Patent in disease vector control. R & D in harmless pest control for cockroaches

    “We recognize G.I. Hopkins during this period of “Resources Conservation Awareness” for your outstanding achievements in Santa Clara County.”- water conservation award

    The Council for a Balanced Community. Betty B Roades, Chairperson   May 20 1977

    I qualified for professional registration with the International Registry of Environmental Engineers and Compliance Professionals and the Association of Ground Water Scientists and Engineers, Air and Waste Management Association, National Environmental Health Association (HAZWOPPER), American Association of Radon Scientists, Environmental Assessment Association and the Association of Construction Inspectors.

    Sudden Oak Death S.O.D.  2011 development of protocol based on several cross disciplines in water, soil, horticultural practices


    Sustainability Specialist Energy and Climate                                                                                       George I. Hopkins, 1312 Davis Mountain Loop, Cedar Park TX., 78613
    Cell: 408-592-9270  HM 512 337-7488 TX. Dr. License # 36423569

    09-2005- : 04/14/06 Hillside Water intrusion project: McGuire Estate:  Boulder Creek Country Club, CA.

    Water issues under home, backed up to U.S. Forest, resolved  

    Land Development- MC Hammer Mansion Fremont, CA 04-2005 - 04–2008,  Hill side  property landslide      6 Ft offset, redlined by sustainability, resolved issues and property was not confiscated by local agencies.



    “George is not merely a talker nor simply a dreamer--he is a doer. George seems to have an insatiable curiosity of diverse scope. His ingenuity and adeptness at solving problems requiring creative ability, are truly amazing.”

    Very Truly yours, Willian E. Romans , V.P. Sperry Rand Corporation

    We recognize G.I. Hopkins during this period of “Resources Conservation Awareness” for your outstanding achievements in Santa Clara County. The Council for a Balanced Community. Betty B Roades, Chairperson  

    George’s greatest strengths are his flexibility, attention to detail and ability to multi-task. He has demonstrated the ability to shift priorities quickly to accommodate changing needs. George always approaches his work with a high level of enthusiasm, discretion and professionalism.

    Margaret Romero Estate Management Consultant   02/26/06

    I am a trail lawyer as well as a real estate broker and emphasize the preparation and trail of real estate defective construction cases. In this capacity, I have known Mr. Hopkins for over 10 years and have utilized his experience in dozens of cases as an expert witness. He has always evidenced a keen knowledge and experience in the analysis of all projects assigned, including but not limited to, the planning design and implementation of construction and /or renovation projects for my various clients. Mr Hopkins has high integrity, is very professional as well as an abundance of technical skills and also excels in project management concerning sub- contracts and other experts.

    Sincerely, Law Offices of Harry Delizonna.  Mr. Delizonna teaches occasionally at Stanford Law School and resides in Monterey on the famous 17 Mile Drive/Carmel

    Sustainability Specialist Energy and Climate                                                                                       George I. Hopkins, 1312 Davis Mountain Loop, Cedar Park TX., 78613
    Cell: 408-592-9270  HM 512 337-7488 TX. Dr. License # 36423569

    Testimonies con’t

    I highly recommend the continuation of your outstanding work amongst new colleagues in the fields of alternative energy, medicine and future science. You are able to organize and direct the avant garde of leaders and researchers in the synergy of the most vital issues of survival and renewal that concern the New Image of Mankind in the 21st Century.
    I look forward to the continuation of teamwork with you in conferences and symposia on the New Image of Mankind that is emerging through breakthroughs in the new frontiers of science, health and Spirit.
    Best wishes,

    Dr. J.J. "Jim" Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D. Scientist & Environmental researcher and consultant

    JJ at times represents the UN working throughout the world and recently was the only scientist allowed to drill into the Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid in the past 25 years.

    I have worked with George Hopkins, who was the construction manager for a renovation and addition to a large custom residence in Saratoga.  He demonstrated excellent skills in analyzing the scope of work, implementation of a construction schedule and managing the cost for the owner. During the construction period he was required to coordinate the work of various subcontractors, involving scheduling, assisting with review and management of the owner’s separate contracts, meet with different subcontractors and material suppliers to access their qualifications and services, and to perform the general administration of the construction., George has additionally demonstrated his abilities to work with the various building inspectors for obtaining approvals and is knowledgeable of the codes and regulations, as well as plan review processes of both local and state agencies. I recommend   George Hopkins for the position of Construction Program Manager and believe that he will successfully perform the duties and tasks required of this position.

    Sincerely,  Jim D. Morelan,  A.I.A. Architect   CA#C-5471,   HI #AR-9651,  NV #1709,  General Contractor CA#413297


    City of Cupertino, CA  Supervisor, grounds, parks, medians, sports fields, Hazardous Waste program, Pest control, equipment, street sweeping, street lights & signage, budgets, equipment purchases, safety

    Assumes responsibilities for total operations; turns around unsuccessful trends; improves equipment design; develops safety programs; designs incentive programs; handles manufacturing lay-out and installation, electrical and air layout and installation, traffic flow, efficiency and movement studies, production control, quality control and administrative functions including: policies, procedures, staffing, motivation, shift set-up, theft control, A/P, A/R, payroll, purchasing, shipping/receiving, documentation, vendor selection, billing, office procedures, sales, national advertising campaigns, public relations and management and maintenance of multi-dwellings and shopping centers.

    Initiated and wrote affirmative action policy which met the city standard for inclusion into contract.


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